Meet Leah ♥

Leah Lazarus is the innovative founder of MSTR Aesthetics and MSTR Academy. She began her journey in 2016 when she opened her first clinic in Brentwood, which has since grown into a fast-rising hotspot in the aesthetics industry.

Leah has successfully built a loyal client base across the country, offering end user non-surgical cosmetic treatments MSTR Aesthetics, and training courses in MSTR Academy.

Leah's commitment to staying ahead of the latest non-surgical treatments and patient safety procedures has cemented MSTR Aesthetics' place as an industry leader. Her dedication to providing safe, cutting-edge alternatives to cosmetic surgery in a clinical environment is evident in the success and growth of her business.


Business Building 

Leah's vision and hard work have allowed MSTR Aesthetics to expand to four beautiful clinics located in Brentwood, London, Newcastle, and Manchester. Known for their welcoming atmosphere and stunning aesthetics, these clinics reflect Leah's commitment to providing a top-tier experience for her clients.

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