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Welcome to our FREE Education Page. Here you can explore a variety of PDF Guides that can help you on your aesthetic practitioner journey.


Our mission at MSTR Academy is to be the support and guiding light for the aesthetic industry, whether you're new or have 20 years experience...we've got something to help!

FREE Lip Guide!

Download our MSTR Free Lip Guide and be on your way to creating the perfect pout for your clients. After all, kissable never goes out of fashion!

Lip Guide

Free Bookings Guide!

Learn why you're missing a trick on low booking rates in your clinic! This guide should be the free Kickstarter you need!

Bookings Guide

Free Botox Guide!

Understand the best amount to administer by different anatomy & brands. This Free Guide will give you everything you need to remind you.

Botox Guide

Facial Map Filler Guide!

Download our MSTR Free Facial Map Guide and keep key anatomy information at your fingertips. Not only this, but it will help you to know how much filler to use. 

Facial Map Guide

Complications Guide!

Download our MSTR Complications Guide and be ready to deal with problems and face them in a safe way. 

Complications Guide

Needle Control Guide!

This free Needle Control Guide will help you to stay safe and sturdy during your treatments. A steady hand is always necessary, but it isn't always easy. 

Needle Control

At Risk Guide!

Download our free Risk Area guide to help keep you in the right areas during your clients' treatments. Know where all the at risk areas are in the face.

Risk Area Guide